FM&BE Awards 2019

Entry Upload Page

Please use this web page to upload your award entry. Please upload a separate entry paper for each category entered.

  • I have read the entry criteria and have used the relevant Entry Text Form for my main entry text.
  • A copy of this entry, on USB/ Disk should be mailed together with the entry from and fee to:
    Victoria Lloyd
    FM&BE Awards
    Frank Publishing
    PO BOX 4059
    SN15 9HX
  • Yes

  • Upload in progress.

Supportive Materials

You may supply up to 3 supportive items. If you are supplying more than one file, please compact/zip and upload as one ZIP file.

In addition to your entry paper you may supply supportive materials. Suggested supportive include:

  1. Appendix using any Microsoft Office file to include essential diagrams, illustrations or data that could not fit into the entry paper. (recommended ONLY if you consider it vital to your  case study)
  2. Images or video or both. A file of up to 10 photographs is counted as one supportive item. Images may be useful in any entry but typically form an important part of a brand experience case study.
  3. Training or operations manual – useful ONLY in training or operations categories and ONLY if you consider it vital to your case study.
  4. Upload supportive materials as a zip file to a maximum size of 40MB (relevant files should be popular formats of Office, i.e. can be opened by Microsoft Office), PDF, Picture File (again typical file formats such as .jpg, .png) or Video/Audio (.wav, .mpg, .mp3 .mp4, .mov).
  5. Please note: Larger uploads may take a while to send, so please allow for this. A confirmation email will be sent when upload is complete. If you have any problems with any part of the upload process please let us know via If your file is over 40MB in size you may send it in by post on a USB. You may also host oversize files online (i.e. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, Roxio, Flickr etc.) and add a link to this in your entry paper.

Following your successful upload you will receive a confirmation email from us.